Wine And Dine with Indian Food

What doesn’t go well with Indian food is beer. Read on to know why….

Even though Indian food can be spicy and heavy on its curries, the world over, chefs have recommended it be teamed with wines instead. Having said that, you would really wonder how to even think of drinking wine with the occasional chile heat that the non-vegetarian preparations could award?

Depending on the requirement of the dish, a wine can definitely be a good accompaniment with Indian cuisine. We are here, talking more about the North Indian-styled food with is fairly interesting in spices and loved for their curries.

Good Pair

The trick to picking your wine is to always ensure you match it with the food you are going to consume. As wine is made of fruits itself, they have their own acidic levels that work well to digest food. No wonder, French preferred wine over water, in their elaborate eat settings. So, if you are choosing heavy gravies on the spicier side, go for something with low alcohol levels. Higher alcohol level tends to make the dish feel spicier.

We recommend you avoid sweet wines and instead look for lighter options. (Check with our chef for recommendations). And yes, Indian food works very well with red wines. The misconception is that only white works; but actually, red works as well.

Your best bet always is to look for wines that are more earthy than fruity to offset the spice of Indian cooking.

Wise Decision

It might feel like a perfect celebration and we don’t want to be the spoilers, but it’s best to avoid popping a champaign with Indian curries. According to food critics, champagne has a complicated taste and works well solo. When teamed with complex food preparations like Indian or Chinese, they are unable to enhance the taste but might leave your taste buds completely confused.

When indulging in our non-vegetarian array, do look for more full-bodied wines. These really help break through the smoke and spices, to give you perfect eating and then digestive experience.